The First and Only Standalone 3D World in VR for VR Users

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ –We are thrilled to announce the launch of anyWR, an innovative and groundbreaking application that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for virtual reality enthusiasts. anyWR is the first and only standalone 3D world in VR that offers users the opportunity to Explore the Globe in Virtual Reality with the utmost realism and immersion.

We are proud to be Powered by Google 3D, harnessing the cutting-edge technology of Google 3D maps to provide an unparalleled virtual experience.

anyWR revolutionizes the VR landscape by presenting a platform that enables Free Search & Locations Highlights, allowing users to navigate through a vast library of 2500 cities and locations worldwide.

Whether it’s your favorite vacation spot, a dream destination, or a place you’ve always wanted to explore, anyWR allows you to bring these experiences to life in stunning 3D.

“We are excited to create an application that is not just a fun game, but also a great and engaging VR experience for tourism and education,” said Ofer Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO of anyWR. “We intend to keep adding features to assist in those specific areas, enhancing the overall user experience and broadening horizons.”

Key Features of anyWR:
1. Realistic and Immersive 3D Environments: anyWR’s foundation on Google 3D maps guarantees a visually captivating and authentic true to life VR environment, making you feel like you’re genuinely present in the virtual world.

2. Approved For All Ages: Designed with consideration for various age groups, anyWR ensures that users of all ages can enjoy and explore the virtual world within a secure environment, making it an ideal entertainment and educational experience for the whole family.

3. Endless Exploration: anyWR’s commitment to expansion ensures that users will have a never-ending journey of discovery and immersive experiences. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other!

Getting started with anyWR is effortless and user-friendly. Users can choose from 2500 cities and locations worldwide through free text input or predetermined places. Whether you’re a seasoned VR user or a novice explorer, anyWR caters to all and provides a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The anyWR application is now available for the Oculus Quest VR headsets. Embrace the future of VR tourism and embark on an unforgettable journey with anyWR.

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