Renowned author, speaker, and radio/TV personality, Dr. Madelyn Blair, takes the spotlight in this very special profile. “Unlock” her hit series, explore her acclaimed work, and get ready for the return of Mental Espresso, reimagined for 2023.

JEFFERSON, MD, July 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Stone Register (“TSR”), a prestigious marketing and advertising firm based in New York, has been a steadfast supporter of Dr. Madelyn Blair since they began working together in 2018. The company has played an instrumental role in amplifying her message to the masses through various channels, including news coverage, website promotion, and even captivating displays on the iconic Times Square billboards. As a testament to the immense impact of her increasingly popular streaming TV series, “Unlocked”, TSR proudly announces the selection of Dr. Madelyn Blair as the focal point of this highly anticipated Platinum Flagship article.

“While considering candidates for our Q2 Platinum Flagship showcase, Madelyn Blair stood out to us for so many good reasons,” explains S.W. Miliano, Managing Director/Co-Founder of The Stone Register and longtime member of the Forbes Business Council. “Her work aligns perfectly with our mission to collaborate with those who inspire and bring positive change. We are thrilled to feature Dr. Blair and her transformative insights in this article.”

Driven by her groundbreaking contributions to resilience and leadership, Dr. Blair has transformed multiple industries, most recently television. Her hit program, “Unlocked”, has drawn thousands upon thousands of viewers in a short time. The show’s meteoric rise is also due in large part to the stellar panel of guests set up by Dr. Blair herself. Being no stranger to broadcasting, Dr. Blair knows exactly how to make a show work, entertaining and educating in equal measure.

In other big news, Dr. Blair is planning to bring back her influential Mental Espresso publication, but reimagined for modern times. These lighthearted, inspirational missives grabbed a whole lot of attention years ago in their first iteration.

“I published weekly digital postcards that began with an inspiring quotation from a known figure and then offered a provocative question to the reader,” explains Dr. Madelyn Blair. “It was meant to not just inspire but to also light a fire!”

Madelyn goes on to explain that on her television show she has the privilege of engaging with remarkable individuals, posing numerous thought-provoking questions. Within the vast array of responses provided, there is often a single remark that emanates pure inspiration; an idea that stands out amongst countless other wonderful ideas. Never one to let even a drop of brilliance go to waste, Madelyn Blair seizes on these “crumbs” that might otherwise be swept away in the hands of a lesser talent, and she makes something delicious out of them: Mental Espresso! Now, in 2023, the enhanced version of this beloved concept is soon to be unveiled, granting viewers the chance to not only hear the host’s inquiries but also the profoundly inspiring replies from her esteemed guests.

Madelyn adds: “I am thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated relaunch of my brainchild, Mental Espresso. This revamped concept stays true to its essence of serving bite-sized nuggets of insight through evocative quotations and captivating questions. However, it has been reimagined to resonate with the current times, promising to ignite new pathways of thought and once again captivate readers. I can’t wait to share this exciting development with all of you.”

Long before “Unlocked” was a household name, Madelyn Blair was still riding the crest of her successful book of the same name. During those years, she was named Renaissance Leader by The Stone Register. In fact, she was the inaugural recipient of this unique and important title (which she also claimed the following year.) The managing directors of TSR, known for their discerning approach, embarked on a quest to identify an individual with exceptional talent, versatility, and the ability to handle multifaceted projects. After an exhaustive screening process, Dr. Madelyn Blair emerged as the perfect recipient of this distinctive recognition, given her remarkable contributions and dynamic presence in various fields.

Mr. Miliano explains: “As our two-time Renaissance Leader, Dr. Blair has captured the imagination of people everywhere, including right here at The Stone Register. As a business services company, we do not bestow awards or honors in any way, but the Renaissance Leader distinction was born out of the high-quality crop of clients we’re fortunate enough to have, and our desire to highlight their great ideas. One person deserves special coverage each year, and there was never any doubt that this particular moment belongs to Dr. Blair. It’s her time. To borrow her own phrase, she doesn’t just inspire, she “lights a fire!”

Madelyn Blair, perhaps effortlessly, proves her worthiness of all these accolades and successes every single day. Recently, her “Unlocked” streaming television series garnered enough widespread acclaim that she was appointed President of Programming for The Business Network on e360tv. This is a distinguished online platform focused on business and entrepreneurial content, as well as home of her hit show. Leveraging her wealth of knowledge in resilience and leadership, she curates an exceptional lineup of engaging and enlightening programming in this new position, empowering viewers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of modern business.

“I am truly thrilled by the incredible opportunities and projects that are currently unfolding in my journey,” shares Dr. Madelyn Blair. “From the success of ‘Unlocked’ to the relaunch of Mental Espresso and everything in between, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and excitement. But I must say, the best is yet to come. I am committed to pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and delivering transformative experiences that will inspire and empower individuals on a profound level. There is an infinite world of possibilities ahead, and I am eager to embark on this remarkable path of growth and innovation.”

This Platinum Flagship article barely scratches the surface of the extraordinary body of work by Dr. Madelyn Blair. To truly grasp the magnitude of the captivating content that awaits, one must personally experience the “Dr. Blair ecosystem” including her many published works, radio and TV programs, and so much more. These endeavors offer a glimpse into the profound impact she has made in every area of her life, but there’s always more when it comes to Madelyn.

Dr. Blair continues: “I truly value the recognition of my talent and hard work, but I am humbly aware that my journey would mean nothing without the incredible support and contributions of my associates, colleagues, guests, and ever-growing audience. They drive everything I do. Their engagement, insights, and unwavering support fuel my passion and inspire me to push further. Together, we create meaningful and impactful work. I am forever grateful for their presence, as they are the true catalysts for our shared success.”

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