Jason Sharp, an author and the CEO of Sharp Leader, is set to release his latest book, Eyes Wide Open, which aims to help readers to remain undefeated in the face of adversity and achieve success.

KANSAS CITY, MO, July 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Eyes Wide Open: Learning to Suffer

Eyes Wide Open is a powerful guide that teaches readers how to face adversity while remaining undefeated. Sharp draws on his personal experiences and shares practical strategies that readers can use to overcome obstacles, setbacks, and challenges. The book can be a roadmap to success for anyone facing difficult times and wanting to emerge stronger and more resilient.

“The only time human beings grow is when we leave our comfort zone. Some of us are born way outside the comfort zone, and we have no choice but to endure,” says Sharp.

Sharp emphasizes forcing ourselves to grow into something beautiful despite an evil seed having been planted. He teaches this by shedding light on his life experiences and how he learned to endure his sufferings and stand tall despite it all.

The book intends to redirect your mental state to own the outcome and forge ahead with your eyes wide open. According to Sharp, remaining undefeated in the face of adversity is critical to success. We all face challenges, setbacks, and obstacles, but how we respond to these challenges determines our success. Through his book Eyes Wide Open, Sharp aims to provide readers with the tools they need to overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

About the Author

As the CEO of Sharp Leader, a company focusing on leadership development, executive coaching, and program management, Jason L. Sharp has authored “Eyes Wide Open.” The book provides valuable insights into how to confront adversity, drawing from his vast experience in both government and industry. Additionally, the company’s Executive Lounge, scheduled to open its doors to the public in the Fall of 2023, will serve as a collaborative space for every walk of life to grow.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed. The book will soon be available for pre-order across major online book retailers.

Sharp Leader is the parent company of several organizations and specializes in leader development, executive coaching, and program management functional expertise. We operate out of our Executive Lounge and Work Center where all the magic happens. This space is open to every walk of life. Especially those interested in exceptional thought leadership, difficult conversations, and the exchange of industry best practices. Our Work Center serves as a space where you can operate in silence or collaborate with your team and stakeholders.

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