Enhance the beauty of a space with the artistic, the traditional and religiously realistic wall art of Thangka paintings.

ROSEVILLE, MN, July 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Exotic India Art presents an extensive collection of beautiful Thangka Paintings for enhancing the decor of a space. The paintings, which are basically pictorial religious scrolls that mostly reflect the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. The paintings hold great religious significance among Buddhists and are among the most revered objects of this community. every single Thangka Painting included in the collection from exotic India Art is hand painted on cotton or silk fabric and uses mineral colors and gold dust. These exotic paintings are perfect to add an element of tradition and spirituality to any home decor theme.

The traditional Thangka paintings in the collection convey

A spiritually significant event or is inspired by some aspect of the different deities or may even reflect important Buddhist concepts. each painting is created strictly according to the guidelines of the Buddhist religious texts. Most importantly, the deities featured in each painting, along with the colors used in the painting hold a unique significance in Buddhist culture. The paintings are mostly created in the Tibetian Buddhist style, although many of them also reflect the various characteristics of the local Buddhist culture of the region to which the artists commissioned for creating the painting belong to.

The Buddhist Thangka Paintings are an integral part of the homes belonging to the followers of Buddhism. Although they were traditionally used as teaching tools by traveling Buddhist monks, today they are extensively used for praying and for decorative purposes. The collection of Thangka Paintings offered by exotic India Art can be used by people to enhance their meditative practices. These paintings can prove quite effective as a visual aid for improving focus and concentration. Most importantly, they can be presented as a religious or even decorative gift on various occasions and even to help people establish a strong connection with the deity depicted in the painting.

About Exotic India Art: Exotic India Art is a website renowned for offering a wide range of high-quality and authentic religious, spiritual, and decor products. The portal makes it easier for buyers from across the globe to purchase the highly renowned Thangka paintings reflecting Buddhist culture and history. The website collaborates with highly skilled artists and craftsmen from across India to provide buyers with a wide range of the most authentic paintings for diverse uses.

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