Indian Scriptures are full of benefits of celibacy and following a celibate lifestyle till at least 25 years of age. Celibacy, it is argued, increases concentration, increased focus, mental power and much more. A quick Google search returns results, as increased ability to create and record thoughts by 400%, increased mental processing power, speed and focus, increased empathy, increased self esteem and the list goes on.

We might just brush these, and focus on other theories, claiming the opposite to be true. But Indian Vedic texts, are based on mega sciences. They have been there for centuries, and after centuries of research by eminent scholars, who were also blessed with the powers of intuition and natural wisdom. These ageless experts, who had predicted present day challenges, thousands of years in ago, so doubting their wisdom, can prove fatal for us. As per these, celibacy, helps in healing our bodies, too, by using up the energy, which otherwise is used in sexual activity. If we understand literally also, we know serum, is used to generate lives, so the amount of life, it may have cannot be imagined, with some billions of eggs, in there. Considering these factors, celibacy can make one ageless, improves eyesight, makes one calm& makes a person fearless to a huge extent.

And by celibacy, it is not restricting oneself just on the physical front, one has to observe absolute celibacy, even at a mental level, to reap the real benefits. Even though, celibacy for Life, can be an ideal scenario, but one can at least try to observe so, till the age of 25 years, and after that also, resorting to single partner, as in the institution of marriage with considerable restraint is advised, for a health life.

Various spiritual organizations have been showing the benefits, and preaching the same to their followers. Most Satsangs, by present day Gurus, Be it Sri SriRavishankar or Baba Ram Rahim, stress on the importance of practicing restraint, in sexual activities.

Baba Ram Rahim has even mentioned the importance of celibacy, through his Films, which is a popular medium for youngsters. As this topic is directed at the younger lot, who under the influence of the west, are getting into the act, really early, losing their vital energy. In fact Baba Ram Rahim contends, this tendency, can lead to negativities striking in, and even depression. So beware say, our Saints and religious texts, life is too precious to fall into traps of lust, which gives momentary pleasure but makes you a prisoner for life. Embrace your life, develop true relationship with the creator, instead, which is there for life and beyond.

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