RV Advisor Founder and CEO Gigi Stetler is encouraging RV dealers to get certified to have a competitive edge this holiday season. By getting certified with the RV Advisor, dealers instill confidence in consumers that service is top priority.

DANIA BEACH, FL, November 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ahead of the holiday season, the RV Advisor – an online platform for RV enthusiasts and newbies alike – is issuing a reminder today for RV dealers nationwide to take advantage of its dealer certification benefits. By getting certified with the RV Advisor, dealers and service providers have a step up on their competition by connecting directly with their customers through the platform’s customized matching, reviews, and recommendations.

Since its inception in 2018, the RV Advisor has been looked upon as the Angie’s List for both RV veterans and novices. The platform has worked tirelessly to build an extensive database of products, services, RVs, and anything and everything in between consumers are searching for.

“Our goal has always been to certify dealers as Angie’s List did, making sure the consumer has the utmost experience in their purchasing and ownership of RVs, products, and services,” said Gigi Stetler, the RV Advisor’s Founder and CEO.

The RV Advisor’s mighty and growing membership is always on the hunt for information. Today’s well-informed consumer is eager to get reliable recommendations on where to buy their next RV, purchase products, and access top of the line service and customer care. An RV Advisor certification provides value by instilling confidence in consumers that they’re getting top of the line RVs and customer service.

“Initially, it was challenging to get dealers to want to be certified,” Stetler added. “But now, with changes happening in the industry and sales on the decline, dealers see the value of prioritizing customer satisfaction. I’d advise dealers to get certified now, or consumers will go to a dealer that already is.”

Click here to get certified or to contact Stetler for additional information.

About Gigi Stetler:
A fearless entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in the industry, Gigi Stetler is one of a handful of top RV experts in the country. Stetler launched and runs RV Advisor – an online platform that is considered the “Angie’s List” of the RV industry. She is also the founder of the non-profit RV Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA).

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