BurnsOffroad, a free app available in the AppStore and Google Play, is a must-have for those who love riding ATVs, SSVs, 4x4s, and other off-road vehicles.

NEW YORK, NY, June 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The evolution of adventure travel is taking a major leap forward with the launch of BurnsOffroad. The world’s first truly off-roading app can help you find the best available routes, provides free offline navigation for hard-to-reach areas and makes it easy for users to share experiences.

BurnsOffroad is a free app available in the AppStore and Google Play. It is a must-have for those who love riding ATVs, SSVs, 4x4s, and other off-road vehicles.

Its features include offline maps with forest trails, route markers and internal chat options. Travelers can record their rides and share photos and routes with friends, other app users and social networks, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Alex Burn, the app’s creator, is a seasoned cyber security expert, dedicated off-road traveler and huge fan of riding ATVs.

“Most people ride with the guys they know because there’s no global off-road community and that’s a huge problem,” Burn said.

“You can’t just grab a bike, come to Canada or Finland and share a trip with local travelers. There are no services connecting people apart from old-school forums and blogs. We want to change the situation.”

Currently all users can organize a trip, let other people know about the place and time of departure or join an existing route using the app’s Meetups feature.

Other existing travel apps, such as Garmin, LocusMap, GPSMotionX and Galileo offer navigation tools, but ignore the basic social need for sharing experiences and information.

“Runners have Runtastic, bikers enjoy Strava,” Burn said. “Using these apps they quickly find like-minded people in other places to run and bike with. Why don’t off-road riders have the same? We want to create a global community so that more people can enjoy their adventures together.”

Before launching in the U.S., the app’s functionality was tested on Russia’s remotest tracks. Currently, there are more than 10,000 users in that country.

All BurnsOffroad maps can be used offline. In 2018 the app will be enhanced with a functional feature for storytelling, Travel Diary, and a marketplace for extreme tour organizers called Expeditions.

BurnsOffroad founders are planning to monetize the app through geo targeting, which will display nearby gas stations, ATMs and repair shops, as well as a data analysis of an app user’s preferred type of vehicle.

About BurnsOffroad
BurnsOffroad was developed by the London-based IWB Ltd. Alex Burn, an entrepreneur and the sole owner of the company, invested $1 million in its development. Burn is the founder of Burns Development, an international IT company that composes marketing strategies for clients around the world. Previously, he designed mobile applications and web services.

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