For a Tax-Free Green New Deal

NEW YORK, NY, October 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Remember, remember the 5th of November at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY with the Resistance Company for an evening of live un-permitted punk rock music, plus Filipino stick and knife martial arts and acrobatic Afro-Brazilian Capoeira demonstrations to raise awareness for a tax-free Green New Deal with the American Monetary Reform Act of 2021.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have ignored pleas from members of the American Monetary Institute and the Alliance for Just Money to sponsor the forerunner of the AMR Act, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act, last introduced in the 112th Congress as H.R. 2990 by then Representative Dennis Kucinich (D, OH) and the late John Conyers (D, MI). So let’s see our elected officials try to ignore the Resistance Company in front of the NY Fed.

President Joe Biden is arguably ignoring the looming hyperinflation crisis no differently than Donald Trump neglected and failed to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. “Today, there is no cost to create new money. Just a push of a computer key and the cost of distribution is low. The only concern we have is excess inflation. The current Central Banking systems created inflation and deflation around the world causing massive human hardships. In the U.S. alone they have overseen 19 recessions and the Great Depression and Great Recession in the last 100 years,” according to Mark Pash from the Alliance for Just Money.

“Legislation was written, vetted and introduced to Congress in 2011, to replace the speculative Federal Reserve System with a reliable, stable-value monetary system. The NEED Act was shelved by the Banking Committee at that time and remains at the ready. Now is the time to make this important change,” according to Sue Peters, also from the Alliance for Just Money and the Green Party of New York.

The Alliance for Just Money does not endorse this demonstration. However please visit their website for more information for the latest updates to their revolutionary monetary reform legislation.

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Louise Nevelson Plaza is at 73 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038 right across William Street from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

For more information please follow and contact Harrison “Tesoura” Schultz Ph.D., at [email protected] or 646-706-1734.

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