Taiwan’s claim of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is conditional. The libel laws prevent opinions on social media let alone written criticism of the system.

NEW YORK, NY, October 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The political rhetoric continues as the United States and Taiwan boast about their relationship under the public banners that Taiwan is a country of “Free Elections and Free Speech.” The Macro view is quite evident—Taiwan is the antithesis of Communist China. However, as you look at the Micro view of the so-called ‘freedom of speech’, one American spouse chose to move from New York to Taipei to avoid scrutiny of her actions in controlling the assets of her artist husband, Professor Ping-Hsing Ku (顧炳星), the father of Chinese Cubism, according to her daughter.

“My mother, Fei-Fei Wang (王非非), is American as I am, and this all about controlling my father’s financial assets”, says 45 year-old Pei-Lan Ku(顧培蘭), the only daughter of Professor Ku, who moved from Queens, NY to Taipei City to fight for her disabled father and return him back to America. “My brother, Captain Peihua Ku, is an officer in the U.S. Navy, and my mother, Fei-Fei Wang, moved my father here to control his financial and health matters to cover-up what I see is clear physical, psychological, and financial elder abuse.” Pei-lan has been outspoken about her mother’s control, and equally critical of her father’s care in an abusive nursing home. The outspoken approach that would be a normal response in America, is considered libel in Taiwan. In fact, the Wang family and Shin-Mei Chao(趙心梅) of Aiai Nursing Home (愛愛院) have filed criminal defamation complaints against Pei-Lan on three occasions that carry up to nine years in prison. In one case, Fei-Fei’s nephew, Howard Lee (李德浩) told the courts that he would drop his criminal charge of slander if Pei-Lan paid him $10,000 USD and withdrew her guardianship petition for her father. The attorneys defending Pei-Lan refused.

“My father is 81 years of age. He is a world recognized artist of Chinese cubism. I want my father’s last wish to be honored—to return him to New York, which he considers his home, also to protect his artwork and for it not to be sold, and to ensure he has compassionate and responsible health care while in Taiwan—the current nursing home has been abusive and I’ve been threatened and served notice numerous times—there is no freedom of speech—it’s a false image of Taiwan. I have been here since 2019 fighting this battle and will continue until we are victors on getting my Dad home to America. I finally received support from Taipei City Councilor, Wang, Min-Sheng, (王閔生) to expose the abuse from the Aiai Nursing Home. I was finally given permission to move my father to another care facility.”

Taiwan’s claim of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is conditional. The libel laws prevent opinions on social media let alone written criticism of the system. Ironically, the law does imply that if the allegations are true, then the libel laws would not apply. According to Pei-Lan, “This is smoke and mirrors. We have provided abuse photos ( https://ku-abuse.com/taipei-social-welfare ) recordings of threats by my mother who brags that she is well-connected to the military and police, my cousin’s extortion attempt—yet nothing changes. Let me add, that we have the support of the National Taiwan Normal University who will identify the authenticity of my father’s art works and organize them for international exhibition. “

According to Pei-Lan’s husband in New York, an international cybersecurity expert and researcher, Tim Maliyil, says the family’s corruption is inherent in the maternal history. “The Wang family’s brazen criminality is deep-rooted. Fei Fei’s father, Wang Ruisong (王瑞松), was a military leader who fought for Chiang Kai-Shek (蔣介石) and he later became a police chief in Taiwan. As police chief, Wang found an easy way to steal from the Taiwanese as a leader in Taiwan’s White Terror (白色恐怖). Wang Ruisong was never held accountable, and his children continue his reign of threat”.

Pei-Lan battles the same human rights that have been questioned by Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State and Congressman Ted Lieu of California. A recent CBS 60 Minute report on Taiwan focused on the “democracy” as compared to Communist China, but little was said about the libel laws that hinder a true freedom of speech in a country that claims it is a democracy who has attached itself to America.


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