Prestigious K-Beauty Honey Cleanser, Soothing Gel And Mask Pack For A High-Class Skincare Routine By YOU&ME Cosmetics

SEOUL, KOREA, December 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — As 2022 ends, a fresh and new beginning comes. Welcoming 2023 with using new beauty essentials will bring out the best version one could have. YOU&ME’s clinic and its team of experts create cosmetics and skin care products that are effective, scientifically proven, and safe. While providing credible products, YOU&ME maintains quality by being globally competitive and inclusive. YOU & ME offers these prestigious cleansers, Soothing Gel, And Mask Pack For A High-Class Skincare Routine that everyone needs at home.

YOU & ME have everything to offer. A cleanser is one of the essential must-haves of every skincare enthusiast and a basic requirement for beginners. YOU&ME’s Enriched Honey Cleanser is an All-in-one cleanser for all skin types, which cleans makeup and skin with one wash. The Enrich Honey of Jeju Island moisturizes and revitalizes dehydrated skin; the product is also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Users can add the delicate formulation of YOU&ME’s BEBETOX Repair Cream; its unique Anti-Aging solution contains BEBE PENTAIDE consisting of 7 peptides that deeply penetrate the skin to minimize the signs of aging and promote youthful, healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin types.

YOU&ME Plant-based Soothing Gel can ease the damaging effects of constant exposure to the sun and other harmful substances. Plant-based skincare products work to restore and strengthen the body’s cells by combating free radicals.


For skin concerns like Acne and Dry skin, YOU&ME’s BEBETOX Ampoule is a holy grail. Its core ingredient is Gesolza, a patented, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredient that suppresses excessive sebum secretion, which causes acne breakouts. For dry skin, the amino acid complex protects skin moisture and helps maintain glossy skin. Get healthy, dewy, and moisturized skin in only four weeks. Also, add YOU&ME Dr. HANDS Mask Pack to one’s daily regimen. These masks are made from 100% cotton linter sheet that does not irritate and gives the skin a shiny and hydrated look.

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