Rev. Richard Klingeisen has concluded the four-part season premiere of his acclaimed podumentary, and today he continues the show’s strong holiday tradition rooted in charity.

REEDSVILLE, WI, December 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — People thought life couldn’t get any more tumultuous than it was in 2020, but then came 2021. Throughout a dizzying array of new challenges, one thing has remained steady: the timely and consistent arrival of high quality programming from Rev. Richard Klingeisein. A Life of Giving, his celebrated online series, has been offering one revelatory installment after the next. Just earlier this week, Klingeisen unveiled the fourth and final installment of his season two premiere focusing on religious liberty and right to life issues. If you haven’t already watched it, you should. Even if you’re not sure where you stand on the topic it’s worth checking out—especially in these times when such rights are under fire.

Since A Life of Giving’s 2018 pilot episode the show has dealt candidly with many issues, including charity, faith, life, death, and much in between. The show’s host, Rev. Klingeisen, has deftly navigated us all through the ever-changing world around us.

In his typically calm and measured manner, Rev. Klingeisen, or Father Dick as he is known in his community, has delivered one successful episode after another, all the while cementing his legacy and life story in the multimedia arena.

“After all these years, I can still honestly say that I don’t do this show for myself,” explains Rev. Klingeisen. “I do it for all those who might need help and guidance, especially those who have trouble hearing God’s calling through all the noise of these times.”

Carrying on the podumentary’s holiday tradition, Rev. Klingeisen and his production team are rolling out a nearly 20-minute special episode entitled, ‘A Deeper Relationship with God’. The aim of this special release is to examine thoroughly the concept of charity and how (if at all) it has changed since Covid began. Utilizing a mix of old and new material that spans the entire three-year run of the series, Klingeisen and Co. create a dreamlike tapestry ungrounded in any specific time or place. There are no giveaway time markers (i.e. “This audio was recorded in 2020”) so the audience must simply let the information chart the course.

The aptly titled ‘A Deeper Relationship with God’ sees the Reverend focusing on the subject of charity and discussing how we can work together to help those less fortunate. Within the extended feature, he examines closely some of his favorite charities and organizations:

Cross Catholic Outreach –
A charity dedicated to providing food, shelter, medical care, water, education, self-help programs, care for orphans and emergency relief to the poorest of the poor in Dioceses around the world.

Food for the Poor –
A charity providing lifesaving food, secure housing, clean water, healthcare, emergency relief, micro-enterprise projects and education opportunities to 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

St. Vincent Mission of David –
A community of people in Appalachia, who believe everyone has a God- ordained right to the basic needs of life in order to meet their full potential. The charity provides local residents with food, personal items, emergency assistance, home repairs and much more.

St. Gianna Molla Guild of Northeast Wisconsin – The SGMG is a chartered guild of the national Catholic Medical Association who are dedicated to educating and supporting the next generation of Catholic medical professionals.

St. Mary/St. Michael School –
While not a charity, the St. Mary/St. Michal Catholic School is connected to the church the Reverend oversees and provides education for 3K to 8th grade students.

Reverend Richard Klingeisen encourages the listener to build on his or her compassion to help foster peace and a civilization of love. Speaking ahead of this late December launch, he added: “I’m very excited to be ending 2021 on such a high note. The right to life-themed season premiere and the Christmas episode being released in the same week covers a lot of important ground.”

When you’re a Man of Faith as esteemed and devoted as Rev. Klingeisen reaching people is everything. For each installment of A Life of Giving, Father Dick and his production team find new ways to explore Faith and its many facets.

“The holiday period is a time for giving,” says Klingeisen. “And while I focus on some of the charities that are closest to my heart, there are so many charities out there and I’m sure you can find one that holds meaning for you. If you aren’t sure about something, you can check The bottom line remains the same, though. If we all show a little more compassion and love for our fellow man, we can improve the world.”

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