Fashion industry is blamed for its contribution towards environmental pollution and it stands as the second largest industry facing such allegations just after the oil and petroleum industry. Many fashion houses have taken this fact seriously and have decided to depend more on sustainable productions making the entire manufacturing cycle as much eco-friendly as possible.

Farah Naz New York has been one of such brands who offers a dedicated product range that are made from sustainable materials like eco friendly fabrics, chemical free ingredients. This is not only reducing the extent of pollution on earth, but also is taking care of the safety of the customers.

The brand also has an exclusive clothing range offering zero waste dresses which are made with materials that leave no harmful elements to the outside world. The brand also said they have put emphasis on zero waste designing separately so as to make their production environmentally friendly.

A Model Wearing Sustainable Formal A-line Pockets Dress Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

A recent study has shown that consumer behaviour is also swinging towards responsible usages and thus fashionwear made with ‘zero waste’ materials have been found to be in demand in comparison to what it was five years back.

It’s a matter of hope that luxury brands like Farah Naz New York are taking positive and confident initiatives to translate the environmental goals into practice through their business model from which many other brands from within and outside the domain of fashion clothing are getting inspiration for being committed towards the environmental issue.