The Unhuman Expectations of the Religious Community

AURORA, CO, September 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A recent term that has become a buzz term is “cancel culture”. I am so glad that a term was developed but this is something that I have seen my whole life, said Dr. Cedric Wright a fourth-generation PentecostalPastor.  Throughout the life of most Christians, they have to deal with a major issue and topic in most of the sermons preach every Sunday and Wednesday.  This whole topic of sin seems to reach the humanity of all creeds.  The average Christian does drink liquor but it has been deemed a sin in some Christian organizations. There are issues surrounding women being leaders in some Christian reformations, and if they can be leaders just as long as they are not over a man is a common theme.  We even see that many reformations and churches have found ways to “accept” but yet still deem those in the LGBTQIA+sinners.

The book “The Blood of all the Prophets: The Cancel Culture of the Church” is expected to be available in December 2022. Dr. Cedric Wright writes about the woes of being a leader or avid congregant in many Christian Churches.  I have seen many people give their entire life to the church, this is including financial resources, time and attention, and their might.  All to be dropped due to a human attribute that the religious community concerns a sin.  I’ve great people who have fallen into “sin”, without any path to return or to consider another life path. Let’s think about it, let’s say a young couple unmarried has a baby, they will not be considered ministry material due to something that is a human! Sex and consummation are human. Now not only are the two young people on the chopping block but so are the parents, regardless of their previous contributions to the organization. Sounds like cancel culture to me and this has been the norm I’ve witnessed my whole life.

In this book, I will talk about a brilliant young preacher who died from cancer while rumored he passed due to the complications of AIDS, or a drug overdose.  This young man named Archbishop Veron Ashe was a revelatory preacher of our time and while he struggled with normal human struggles there was no aide for him.  It is said that he reached out to many other clerics and none came to his rescue. This young educated man needed help with life, he was frowned upon, embarrassed, and even ended up homeless.  How do we cancel on people who have given their whole life to religious service the moment we are confronted with the frailty of humanity? How do we create paths to redemption within religious communities?    I will go as far as to say and I will get in trouble for this but I think the secular (pop community) learned how to cancel the ones once celebrated by us.  The safest place on the earth should be near the cross of Jesus, near the righteousness of religion. 

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