ROM Technologies ™ Medical, one of the companies making the most of the recent telemedicine boom, has been credited with revolutionizing rehabilitation technology in the orthopedic care field.

NEW HAVEN, CT, October 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to ROM Technologies ™, the company has been able to do it by combining cutting-edge telemed technology with orthopedic innovation.

Located close to the historic district of Brookfield Center in Brookfield, CT, ROM Technologies ™ has developed and holds patents for a suite of groundbreaking telehealth technologies. The company believes that telemedicine solutions will continue to grow in the coming decade with an aging population.

It aims to develop several top-of-the-line rehabilitation products, primarily in the orthopedic field.

Now, ROM Technologies ™ is well-known in orthopedic rehab thanks to its one-of-a-kind post-op at-home orthopedic care device, PortableConnect ®. Many clinicians from the related field have already integrated this rehab device within their orthopedic surgery and rehab routine and contend that PortableConnect ® helps patients achieve a faster and far more efficient recovery compared to standard rehab care.

Pilot studies performed for the device tell us the same.

This is an at-home care device with a mounted touchscreen display that patients can use 3-5 times a day (or more, according to the rehab routine prescribed by the physiotherapist). The adaptive technologies used in making the device, such as the Adaptive Pedal Technology, facilitate gentle, therapeutic movement during the rehab sessions.

On the other hand, telemedicine technologies used in the device collect and store flexion and extension data during each therapy session. Patients can access this data through the “patient’s portal,” powered by the PortableConnect ® App.

And since the patient’s physiotherapist will have access to this data (with the patient’s permission), he can monitor the patient’s recovery progress remotely. Moreover, suppose the therapist feels that there is any need to advise some modifications to the prescribed therapy protocol (already programmed into the device).

In that case, he can perform these adjustments and tweaks and enter them directly into the patient portal.

All this means that the patient does not need to visit his therapist at the care center. If the patient needs to communicate with his therapist or clinician, they can do so directly through the device’s display interface. In comparison, patients receiving standard post-op rehab typically require at least three in-person visits a week at the rehab or therapy center during the first two weeks after surgery.

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This brief description of ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® should give one a fair idea of what the company is capable of.

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