Beyond Honeycomb is a food tech startup founded by researchers with 10 years of experience in robotics and food science from Samsung Electronics’ research institute.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Beyond Honeycomb (CEO Steve Jung), a startup company specializing in food tech, opened ‘Singularity’, a restaurant where AI Chef robots are the main cooks. It is located in Pangyo Techno Valley, a global convergence R&D hub cluster centered on global IT, BT, CT, and NT. The Pangyo Techno Valley Youtube Channel featured the AI Chef Robots cooking dishes.

Beyond Honeycomb AI Chef Restaurant Video Interview

Beyond Honeycomb is a food tech startup founded by researchers with 10 years of experience in robotics and food science from Samsung Electronics’ research institute. The company is researching and developing an automatic cooking system that identifies and analyzes food cooked by famous renowned chefs in molecular units. The same taste and texture is then reproduced by an AI Chef Robot.

The AI chef robot developed by Beyond Honeycomb is equipped with a molecular sensor that detects changes in the molecular characteristics of ingredients during cooking. As a result, they made it possible to quantify the taste and texture of food, which was immeasurable until now. With the successful development of artificial intelligence cooking analysis technology, quantifying the degree of being burnt, roasting, and richness in juice became possible. Users can also experience the food of the chef they like at a convenient and reasonable price regardless of time and place.

Cooking robots that have been developed so far generally cook at a set time and temperature, but Beyond Honeycomb’s AI chef robot can sometimes use strong heat and can change its cooking method by directly analyzing the state of the ingredients through various variables such as ingredient type, condition, and preheating conditions.

Beyond Honeycomb is also planning to enter the US by using the domestic market as a foothold. I As the country is suffering from a shortage of cooking manpower, it is the most suitable place to propose the AI chef robot solution. The company explained that its goal is to solve the emerging manpower shortage problem within the American dining system and to innovate in a way that provides high-quality meals at an affordable price.

She continued, “What we are focusing on is ‘taste’ that accurately and closely reproduces dishes made by famous renowned chefs. We think it is possible to pursue a healthy and delicious way to eat healthy meals at home with a scientific cooking method. To thls end, we have been conducting research on nutrient location recognition technology and nutrient status recognition technology since last year, and we plan to provide them in the form of a home meal kit in the next three years.”

On the other hand, Beyond Honeycomb is seeking ways to cooperate with FnB brands and corporate cafeteria divisions in addition to operating an AI chef robot. The company also plans to provide various services in cooperation with concession businesses such as hotels, apartments, and large corporations.

Kiara Low, Beyond Honeycomb’s Marketing & Strategy Leader, said, “Currently, we have opened a ‘Singularity’, a restaurant in Pangyo Techno Valley that serves food prepared by our AI chef robot. Techno Valley is a place where people are savvy to technological development trends, so we aim to provide food to them in an innovative way.” She continues to explain, “After launching the restaurant ‘Singularity’, we have been receiving a lot of calls from people in charge of grilled meat restaurants and catering establishments. In addition, we have signed contracts amounting to 1.5 billion won in annual sales for the last two months.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom / PANGYO TV

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