Continuing education is significant to Dr. Grimshaw’s belief that dentistry changes lives when viewed from a wellness perspective. Her most recent post-doctoral course was on TMJ disorder and how proper treatment increases patients’ quality of life.

ABERDEEN, NC, November 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Mandy Grimshaw of Kuhn Dental Associates continues revolutionizing TMJ treatment in North Carolina. Her commitment to continuing education gives people suffering from TMJ disorder a solution to their pain and other debilitating symptoms. A strong understanding of how the temporomandibular joint affects a patient’s entire body and how teeth play a vital role in keeping the jaw joint aligned is essential for effective TMJ disorder treatment. Each case of TMJ disorder is different, making Dr. Grimshaw’s unique understanding of the different occlusal challenges indispensable.

Using advanced neuromuscular bite recording techniques, like the K7 Occlusal Evaluation System, Dr. Grimshaw uncovers the foundational jaw joint issues that negatively affect whole-body wellness. Her mastery of advanced bite management and occlusal transferring techniques allows her to create custom orthotics that eventually lead to “phase 2 treatment”— a permanent TMJ disorder solution using dental treatments such as orthodontics, teeth replacement, and teeth restoration. These neuromuscular dentistry techniques allow Dr. Grimshaw to consider each person’s central nervous system, joints, muscles, and teeth. She’ll look comprehensively at the patient’s head and neck, mandibular system, muscle activity, and joint position when discovering the root cause and considering treatment options.

Dr. Grimshaw’s commitment to her patients’ wellness also makes its way to her team members. With each new continuing education course Dr. Grimshaw attends, her team members get a crash course to spot issues during initial dental examinations. That means that patients who go to Kuhn Dental Associates for their regular dental needs are examined for signs of TMJ disorder by any team member they might see. What makes TMJ disorder challenging to diagnose is the variety of symptoms that seem unrelated. Having a dental team trained to notice these occlusal inconsistencies may correct issues patients and physicians couldn’t previously connect to a disorder.

About Kuhn Dental Associates

Kuhn Dental associates is a dental office in Aberdeen, NC, that offers comprehensive care to patients in the area and those who travel for Dr. Grimshaw’s advanced neuromuscular techniques. With TMJ treatment, Kuhn Dental Associates focuses on sleep apnea treatment, full mouth restoration, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Mandy Grimshaw and Dr. Ritt Kuhn’s mission is to increase quality of life through life-changing dental treatments. (910) 218-9646

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