Now globally observed, National Hugging Day™ was established to encourage family and friends to consensually hug improving overall well-being.

CARO, MI, January 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Humanity is becoming more and more fearful and isolated. Hate, bigotry and violence is increasing. Global Warming is increasing. People are starting to believe there are no safe places to go, grow and thrive as community. We look at others with trepidation and wonder how we, our families and friends can remain safe. “Thoughts & Prayers” for the victims and families of hate/violence are necessary and productive, yet those actions often fall short as they can seem empty without faith, hope and something tangible with which to connect. The COVID-19 pandemic precautions have appropriately led to calls for “physical distancing” and masking-up to help prevent the spread of this virus. Families need to experience the human touch to thrive and improve overall health and emotional well-being. What can be done? This is where National Hugging Day™ can help. Healing and change CAN occur when we come together in love and acceptance as one human family. During the pandemic, use caution if hugging (mask-up) and try to keep it within your immediate family or “bubble.”

Global Hug Day), was first widely celebrated in 1986 after being published in “Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events.” Since that time, National Hugging Day™ has continued to grow internationally (USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, UK and Ireland, Germany, Georgia, Sweden, Spain, France, Russia, South Africa, as examples). National Hugging Day™ was primarily created to encourage family and friends to hug often (and consensually) with one another. Reasonable care should be taken with those who are either uncomfortable with public affection or their reaction to a hug is unknown. In those situations, it is advised to ask first before hugging and exchange consent. There is an abundance of past and current research available that finds positive touch, such as hugging, improves one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. Embrace National Hugging Day™ every day!

In recognition of those who are making this difference by promoting the power of hugs:
Official Announcement: “THE MOST HUGGABLE OF 2022”

*The band “G AND THE JOLLY CUCUMBERS” recently released The Most Huggable Song/Single “Wrap My Arms Around You.” The song promotes the power of hugs and encompasses everything National Hugging Day™ is about. The group is made up of current “Air Supply” band members and self-described huggers Graham Russell (lead vocals/guitar/song writer), Mirko Tessandori (piano/vocals/music director), and Doug Gild (bass/vocals).

National Hugging Day, LLC and National Hugging Day™ is a culmination of 36 years of educating and promoting to citizens of our global community the values and benefits directly related to love and kindness through the power of consensual hugging.

National Hugging Day™ was formally copyrighted in 1989 at the US Copyright Office under “National Hugging Day Collection.” The name, National Hugging Day™, is under Trade Mark. This does not limit the celebration of such a day or observance. For anybody looking to use National Hugging Day™ for commercial purposes, please get in touch with Kevin at [email protected].

Sponsorships and event locales are being sought. Kevin Zaborney, creator and founder, is available media interviews and speaking engagements. For more information, visit

(Due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently in progress, it is advised to seek guidance from the CDC and WHO.)

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