The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Offgrid Energy Labs to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Offgrid Energy Labs gets listed on THE OCMX™

Offgrid Energy Labs is an IP-led company with a breakthrough ZincGel® battery technology that
is cost-efficient and sustainable for stationary and a few mobility applications. ZincGel® has been validated by global experts and the company has raised capital led by Shell Ventures to launch ZincGel® based applications, globally.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Offgrid Energy Labs to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on Offgrid Energy Labs and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous potential for this company.

The OCMX™ noted that Offgrid Energy Labs exhibits the main components of any solid opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and several key competitive advantages.

Offgrid has created a portfolio of 15+ IPs around chemistry, materials, and design ZincGel® batteries that improve cost efficiency versus other battery technologies. Offgrid has invented a new class of electrolytes that don’t evaporate and are non-flammable.

They have successfully utilized abundantly available materials and simplified manufacturing processes to resolve major challenges in scaling up battery production.

Their business model is pivoted on partnerships to manufacture and deploy ZincGel® in stationary and mobility applications, globally.

• They have resolved some of the most critical challenges faced by rechargeable-zinc batteries with breakthrough innovations in electrolyte, materials, and design, unleashing US$ 100 Bn energy storage serviceable opportunity
• Designed ZincGel as a platform technology that can be modulated as per application requirement
• Validated the technology with partners like Shell, AVL (Austria) and Intertek as per global standards
• Created a robust IP of portfolio patents, designs, trademarks & trade secrets around the technology
• Built a multidisciplinary team with strategic partnerships to develop, validate and launch state-of-the-art products in global markets

Offgrid is focused on delivering ZincGel®, a battery technology platform, that can be tweaked as per application requirements. They have already finalized the raw materials and filed key patents and are now focused on standardizing the product for manufacturing.

In two quarters, Offgrid should have added multiple patents and design IPs to the existing portfolio of 15 IPs. In addition, Offgrid shall be deploying its paid pilot with Shell in EV charging application, further opening global markets.

Tejas Kusurkar, PhD, Chief Executive Officer:
Tejas is an entrepreneur, with a PhD in bio-chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT) but his heart lies in sustainability and, solving problems in energy storage for the future. He has built Offgrid Energy Labs with his co-founders on a vision that underpins innovation, IP building and products that are not only sustainable but commercially viable. His key focus areas in the company are: Building a diverse team of technology and business professionals; Product Building, Go-to-market and monetization.

Brindan Tulachan, PhD, Chief Technology Officer:
Brindan is a MBBS doctor by training, who practiced medicine for a year and then joined Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT) to pursue his passion for clean energy and engineering.

Brindan has developed many solutions that solve some of the most vexing problems in sustainable energy storage. As the CTO, Brindan’s key focus areas are: Research to improve upon existing technologies (ZincGel ®) as well as building a robust roadmap of innovations that will become relevant in the near future, in energy storage.

Rishi Srivastava, Partnerships and Business Development:
Rishi is a senior technology industry executive with over 27 years in the software computer industry across the world. He spent 16 years at Microsoft as a leader in India, Southeast Asia, Greater China & ANZ regions building a large business as well as running Windows Product Group. Rishi’s specialization is Strategy, P&L management, in addition to building high performance teams in deeply technical companies. Post his stint at Microsoft, he turned entrepreneur to invest in & incubate start-ups across India, South Asia and the US.

Ankur Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer & Legal:
Ankur is a founding partner of Asco Advisors, a leading commercial business, tax, compliance and legal full services firm operating out of New Delhi, India, serving clients across Energy, Financial Services, Small & Mid-sized Indian Businesses and leading Multinationals from across the world with an experience of more than 18 years. Ankur is a CPA by profession and his specialization is in the areas of Finance, Commercial Laws and HR management.

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