The updated version of JBC Hub bestows crypto enthusiasts with phenomenal services.

BRISBANE CITY, AUSTRALIA, March 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jungle Book Crypto, the first jungle-themed crypto project, has gladly announced that one of their prominent products, JBC Hub, is currently undergoing a serious upgrade to version 2.0. This brand-new Hub is a bonanza to crypto admirers as it supports the swapping and staking functionalities. The maiden version of the application had this missing, and now it is big news for the community to celebrate.

Jungle Book Crypto is an initiative that is conceived to provide first-class cryptocurrency-based services to decentralization lovers all across the world. The experienced crew behind Jungle Book Crypto has planned to roll out some of the latest crypto products, such as NFT marketplace, DEX, JBC Hub, Basecamp, IDO Launchpad, Multistore Application, etc. JBC Hub is the first among the group to hit the market. All these Binance Smart Chain-modelled products will stay connected through its native utility token, $JBC, a BEP-20 standard token.

JBC Hub is basically a multicurrency wallet that spotlights on providing the needs of the present crypto market and augments the perks of blockchain technology with real-time applications. The wallet is available in both the web and mobile platforms (iOS and Android) to make users prefer their convenient mode. This extraordinary wallet allows participants to send and receive crypto assets seamlessly.

Additionally, JBC Hub will now support staking and swapping protocols to help users of the platform reap excellent benefits and impressive returns. The staking of $JBC tokens is available with four tiers, which include Rain Forest of Bonobo Platinum (100% APR for 180 days), The Royal Lion Wilderness Gold (50% APR for 90 days), The Furious Gardens Silver (40% APR for 60 days), and The Sanguine Tropics Bronze (25% APR for 45 days). Depending on the requirements, individuals can choose their staking tier. Also, the protocol of the JBC hub will deliver a hassle-free and frictionless swapping experience overall. Participants can swap their $JBC for BNB and vice versa without any complications.

The application is in the final stage of development and will soon be available to crypto fans worldwide. The exciting stuff is that the presale of the $JBC tokens is live and procuring these tokens is the first step to earn a splendid passive income through JBC Hub.

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