Gladstone Global Advisory

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, June 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hector Douglas Co Head of The Global Finance Group of Gladstone Global Advisory donates 1mln USD’s on behalf of their board members, to help fund Ukrainian Children that have fled War Torn Ukraine.

Hector Douglas is a man on a mission to ensure the educational advancement of as many Ukrainian children as possible.

Speaking from his Edinburgh office in plush St Andrews Square on Tuesday, Hector informs us that convincing the board of Gladstone Global Advisory was actually an easy task.

“We are all Father’s and some of us Grandfather’s, no child should be deprived of an education. The inner turmoil these poor children must be going through right now, ripped apart from their Friends, Teachers, Homes, and more importantly their Fathers, one can only imagine what their little confused minds are going through, trying to make sense of it all”

“We all have wealth, homes, secure jobs, loving families and children in good educational facilities, I just couldn’t bear to watch these displaced and confused children be deprived of the human basic right to be educated.”

Hector plans for the funds to be split between educational instruments such as laptops, stationery and gym outfits, as well as school uniforms and sports equipment.

“It’s the very least we could do as a group of individuals who live by their company slogan ‘From acorns grow Oak Trees’ these little children are our future Oak Trees.”

Hector manages both Institutional and Private Clients all over the world but with a focus just now on growing the Asean client base for Gladstone Global Advisory.

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