At a time when we have more music at out fingertips than ever before, new website provides a platform to learn about and share knowledge of music artists, venues, concerts, festivals, stores and more!

LONG BEACH, CA, March 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Music lovers have a near insatiable desire to discover new music, learn details about the artists they love and, perhaps as strongly, let the world know about artists they feel are criminally overlooked. At the same time, the world we live in now gives us access to vast amounts of music through streaming services, etc., that can seem overwhelming and reading the lineup of a music festival can be an exercise in humility for even the most “with it” fans. Listening to all of the ones you don’t recognize is not an option for most. The Propaganda Site provides a platform to bring these two together.

At The Propaganda Site, we’re interested in providing descriptive and representative information rather than critiques. Visitors won’t find reviews that make unnecessary assumptions about readers’ knowledge or tastes. For instance, regarding artists, they will find descriptions written by people who have an appreciation for what they are describing, information about the artist’s background, links to songs that are representative of the artist’s work, as well as information about when and where the artist is performing. But whether it’s artists, venues, record stores, record labels or music festivals, we want to quickly and accurately give readers an understanding of what to expect.

However, The Propaganda Site is more than that. Registered users are able to add entries for artists, venues and record stores, sharing their passions and contributing to the community. In addition, they can provide edits of existing content and leave comments on most types of content.

We invite all music lovers to come join us at

Learn, share, advocate, communicate and, most importantly, get out there and support musicians.

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