Sivoo is a video streaming pioneer

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sivoo, Inc., a global network offering data services and streaming of multicultural on-demand entertainment programming, announced today that SivooTV has exceeded the arbitrary industry milestone of 1M global downloads from mobile stores where the app is available; notably the JioStore and KaiStore.

“As anticipated with users at this level, we’ve seen traffic across our network jump proportionally. Serving millions of videos daily, the uptick has had virtually no effect on utilization, regardless we’re planning a targeted network node installation in Mumbai, India where the concentration of traffic is trending,” said Sean Berner, Sivoo’s CTO.

With users from nearly 130 countries, Sivoo is excited about the user adoption of SivooTV without any paid marketing efforts. Since we launched in India, we are adding users at a considerable daily rate greater than so before the release. To build in areas showing geographic plateaus, targeted marketing campaigns will be executed through our distribution partnerships.

“In the coming weeks we’ll release the SivooTV app for Android and iOS users. This extended worldwide audience will be able to access our experience from the PlayStore and AppStore, respectively, from most countries,” said Alan Gochin, Chief Marketing Officer. He adds, “With a domestic distribution/marketing partner we expect to see elevated numbers in the US to complement our growth in emerging markets.”

Founded in 2000, Sivoo, Inc. was a video streaming pioneer, implementing a content network with on-demand multicultural entertainment over the Internet. Looking forward, with 1M+ users in over 100 countries, serving telcos and mobile operators globally, Sivoo offers network-based data services including their proprietary video platform providing both ad-supported and subscription streaming of thousands of content hours to connected, enabled devices.

Sivoo is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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