As the very few affected by both tragedies that took place in Los Angeles, Destiny uses her music to heal and rebuild; paying respect to the many lives lost and honoring communities that came together in support.

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — AUDIO: “Tribute Anthem: Woolsey Fire – Borderline”: Destiny Malibu:Soundcloud

‘Destiny Malibu, one of the year’s 25 break-out artists’ –

‘Independent singer, songwriter, talent, inspiration…a young person that actually cares…genuine.’ – Elizabeth Espinosa, iHeartRadio

Destiny’s latest single, “Tribute Anthem: Woolsey Fire – Borderline,” is a deeply felt, and deeply personal song for this young artist. It commemorates the twin tragedies occurring one day apart in Los Angeles on November 7th and 8th of 2018: the Borderline Bar mass shooting in which 12 people were murdered, and the devastating Woolsey fire that took 3 lives and destroyed over a thousand structures.

It is a time that Destiny wants us to remember. It is also a time her family cannot forget. Destiny’s sister was present at the Borderline bar when the shooting occurred, thankfully emerging unharmed physically but dealing with the emotional aftermath of the horror and the carnage she witnessed. The next day, the family house in Malibu was burned to the ground.

While this uplifting single is the byproduct of independent singer/songwriter Destiny Malibu’s attempt to capture the emotions stemming from the devastating tragedies, this song also carries the distinctively soulful R&B vocal delivery that fans have come to expect, paired with modern pop production consistent with the rest of her forthcoming album, ‘Lo Siento,’ to be released in 2020. Contributors on this single include the heartfelt songwriting and emotionally charged vocals of Destiny Malibu supported by producer, Tripp Weir, Tennessee, mixing engineer, Stanley ‘Blu’ Springer III of Blu Productions, Los Angeles, and mastering engineer, Dave Kutch, Mastering Palace, New York.

Instantly recognizable as a Top 40 pop song with its catchy melody and hook, Destiny Malibu and the recording team kept focus on capturing the emotions that were prominent in the songwriting style and vocal delivery. “We worked backwards on this production and started with nailing the vocals first before any other elements were added. Based on the sentimental nature of this track, that was a choice we made up front to use Destiny’s dynamic vocal range to encapsulate the emotions key to this tribute anthem,’ said Weir. Adding electronic and country elements along with real instrumentation added more textures to the track. Everything else fell into place. This dynamic songwriting offers the emotional roller coaster that mirrors that of a survivor’s journey relatable in the face of any tragedy. Beyond the creative process, Destiny looks to offer a sense of hope to listeners, regardless of what they’re experiencing in life. “I want this song to be emotionally provoking. I feel that music can be a form of therapy, in a sense; allowing us to come out of our shell and sit with our emotions. I want people to feel inspired and have a sense of hope despite what they are experiencing in their lives.”

Her lyric, written soon after the tragedy, says, “WE will rise.” It is both a plea and a promise. But one thing is certain: it’s coming from the heart.

Destiny Malibu ‘Tribute Anthem: Woolsey Fire – Borderline’ is out Thursday, 11/7/19.

Destiny Malibu will be performing the Opening Ceremony at Malibu City Hall on November 11th, 2019 along with other commemorative events. She also kicks off a new touring schedule starting 2020, visiting approximately 600,000 teenage students across the United States with over 100 performances. Updated details can be found on

Nearly two decades ago, a five-year old girl donned headphones that were nearly as big as her head, and stood in front of a microphone for the first time. The studio was already a warm and familiar place. But this was new.

So began the journey of a girl named Destiny, who seems to have been, yes, destined to become a musical artist. Destiny’s job was to recite the pledge of allegiance and sing backup for a 911-tribute song being performed by her mother, a recording artist with a successful Latin band.

That day still resonates in Destiny’s soulful and energetic vocal style. But though her love affair with music began with a performance, it did not end there. Her mother saw to it that Destiny understood music at a fundamental level. As a young teen, Destiny was trained to think in terms of musical and narrative structure when she listened to popular songs. Her natural creative instincts ignited a love affair with song writing, and it is still the core passion that drives her career. Her writing talent was evident early, and she won multiple, consecutive songwriting contests as a high school student.

So it was as a songwriter that Destiny’s professional career would begin. She opted for independent studies in her senior year of high school in order to take a job as a songwriter for Burnett Music Group. As a writer, Destiny developed a hopeful and uplifting style that reflects her caring and deeply empathetic nature. She has a keen ear for music, but perhaps an equally keen sense for the quiet suffering of people around her. This sense of awareness and responsibility has come to inhabit her music.

Perhaps because of her desire to connect with and understand people, Destiny’s tenure as a full-time songwriter would be short-lived. She soon discovered that her true calling was to “tell my own story,” as she puts it, by performing her music and engaging with an audience. And equipped with that insight, Destiny Malibu would become the singer/songwriter she is today.

Since then, Destiny has been writing, recording, and releasing music at a dizzying pace and touring internationally. She performed an original song in a 2018 appearance on American Idol. She has performed at such renowned venues as the House of Blues and Viper Room in LA, as well as high profile festivals such as Texas Rockfest and the Florida Music Festival. She has recently begun to push creative boundaries, experimenting with Spanish-language songs that honor the Latin roots she owes to her mother. She continues to tour and perform from the roof-top stage of her custom-built, 40-foot tour bus. And along the way, she has formed partnerships with organizations that fit with her passion to contribute to the mental health and well-being of others, including an initiative with the American Heart Association to spread awareness of heart disease among young people.

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