Celebrated podumentary, Christ Today with Father Ray, returns with its groundbreaking season two premiere. Host, Raymond Brenner aims to provide comfort and direction in these turbulent times.

EVANSVILLE, IN, June 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are living through some difficult days indeed. With the simultaneous challenges of high gas prices, record inflation, surging crime and more, many Americans are simply struggling to survive. A wave of violence and suffering has swept over the country. Mass shootings have become routine. Famine and war persist overseas. Fears and passions rise at home, as confidence in our leadership and even ourselves falters at home.

By any yardstick, this is a lot to take.

Pastor Raymond Brenner begins season two of his acclaimed podumentary, Christ Today with Father Ray, by taking a close look at society’s ills—with a special focus of the war in Ukraine. One of the conclusions that seems to draw itself throughout this exciting, new installment is that a lack of values and faith is behind so much of today’s troubles.

As always, host, Father Ray guides us through the proceedings with a straightforward, but relatable approach. Obviously, it is not in his nature to cast judgements and dwell on the negative. Instead, he approaches everything—including this latest episode—with a positive, faith-driven mindset and the desire to make a difference.

Throughout its four episodes to date, Christ Today with Father Ray has proven to be a salve and guiding light for these challenging times. Brenner has covered topics as varied as COVID-19, social issues, education, the importance of worship, and so much more. This briskly paced, yet hard-hitting season two premiere builds and expands on the above to include war, crime and more.

“Season two is off to a very good start,” says Father Ray. “There is no shortage of topics to cover in these times, so it’s really a matter of delving deeply into some of the most important issues we’re facing.”

This new season also marks the official beginning of the enhanced production values first seen in the season one finale. This new look and style is sure to define Christ Today with Father Ray from now on, making for an overall better show. Improved graphics, clearer sound and, most notably, the use of motion picture (in place of stills) have all helped animate this installment like never before.

Brenner adds: “The world must come together, not break apart, in times of crisis like this, particularly as it relates to Ukraine. If we keep faith in our hearts and the love of God in our lives, I believe we will succeed in the end.”

Father Raymond Brenner plans to continue navigating these matters to the best of his ability for his community and anyone out there in the world who happens to be tuning in.

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