New feature of Melephant’s ‘SeeSo Music’ allows fans to sponsor their favorite musicians

ANYANG, KOREA, May 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Melephant Inc. has announced that it has added a musician sponsorship feature to it’s fan-centric video platform, SeeSo Music.

SeeSo Music 3.0 is a service that creates fandom for rookie or underground musicians who wish to become a star and also opportunities to get sponsored to develop as an artist. Fans can send gift items or sponsor Star Candies (SeeSo Music’s currency) to their favorite musicians, and musicians can utilize their fans’ support to release albums, practice and hold performances.

Unlike traditional reward-based crowdfunding, which is complicated and need a lot of preparation, sponsorship on SeeSo Music 3.0 is simple; with just a few touches, fans are able to support musicians freely from low to high amount.

In addition, music labels and related business executives can discover new musicians and measure the size of their fandom and potential through SeeSo Music 3.0.

Another factor to shine light on in this update is SeeSo Music as a marketing tool. The platform will promote musicians, concerts or other important information related to the indie music industry. Also, it will provide special contents or ticket links to promote certain events. Furthermore, users can create albums with their videos to conveniently share their contents to their friends.

Park Jae Hwan,CEO of Melephant, commented that “Currently, about 30,000 fans, 12,000 fan videos and more than 500 musicians are registered on SeeSo Music. Based on this number, we will provide big data analysis service that shows index such as the musician’s fandom power and ticket power.” Also, he mentioned “SeeSo Music will be available in English from the second half of 2017, to target global musicians to become a global service.”

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