Investors would like to earn much money within short time, and they invest to programs high financial returns, such HYIP, Ponzi and professionally masked pyramids, what leads to money loss.

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Investment programs and investments with high financial returns

Investment programs and investmentsInvestment programs and investments with high financial returns – commonly, it is HYIP, Ponzi or well-masked pyramids, which offer high financial returns. These programs are the most profitable, they offer rate from 5% to 250% per month. HYIP-monitors are working all over the world and accept a wide range of different investment types.

They accumulate capital of common investor in Internet and pay them interest of their deposit amount depending on investment plans. The main feature of HYIP-monitors is that interest is paid every day, sometimes every week or every month. Interest rates can vary from 0,5% to 3% per day ! But the best and safest option is up to 1% per day. In most cases minimum deposit of HYIP-monitors constitutes from 10 to 50 USD.

What PONZI is?

The most of investment programs with high financial returns close very quickly, and they are often seen as fraud. Fraud schemes which work with HYIP monitors are based on Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi is an investment program, which distinguishes by especially high return, from 3% to 10% of paid remuneration per day. The return is paid to investors from the following investors instead of net income of real business. This method allows fraud men to keep their activity until new investors are involved, or existing investors leave their money inside this scheme waiting for more returns.

Do you still think that it is the fastest way to earn money?

Never forget about this problem, for today, many HYIP-monitors (around 89%) actually are financial pyramids, just pretend to work, instead of earning real money. New investors receive their interest by means of new investor deposits, instead of by means of income which is supposed to be received by company.

It is very difficult to differ a financial pyramid and a real HYIP-monitor. While there is a flow of new deposits HYIP-pyramid will pay regularly to its investors. Nevertheless, you can earn indeed quite big money with such HYIP-monitors.

Taking into account all pluses and minuses, high profitability of investments can be very gainfull, and this exactly attracts many investors who love to risk.

How long do HYIPs work?

HYIPs’ administrator counts to get more money that are paid to investors. And while this condition is valid he pays to all his investors. Some programs work about a week, other – about several months. Well-thought investment programs, which have perfect advertisement campaigns work for one, two, three and even five years before they stop they payments to their investors and become a SCAM.

What is a risk to lose money?

Money loss are roughly equal both at pyramids and at real HYIP-monitors. In the first case, everything depends on project’s popularity and on new deposits. In the second case, it depends on company’s success in trade and others. Even Forex trade or poker can lead to money losses, which will cause closing of investment project. Despite of all worries, HYIP-industry grows more and more every year and becomes more popular.

How to get the feel of safe investments.

Safe investment seminars.

Know all the nuances of choosing a reliable investment funds, ways to increase your assets, and how to invest in stocks, real estate, how to trade currency safely and more other.

At our seminars we present the latest information about safe and reliable investments for potential investors. The subject of the seminars are the following:

1. How to choose safe investment fund.
2. Financial services and broking.
3. Investment in stocks and terminated funds.
4. Why we lose money with our first investments?

You may register to our seminar at our website Ifyou did not find a seminar at your country or your city, please, do not worry, we are plan our seminars basing on common quantity of visitors. All the registered users will be informed by email about seminars to be held.

Opportunity to invest

There some part of people, who would like to invest, but for different reasons can’t do it. They do not have enough money, they are not confident in themselves and prefer to trust their capital to professionals. There also can be many other reasons. That is why we offer to invest with Invest JP Group Limited Company for those investors who do not want or have no possibility to invest by ourselves. Or investment offers are considered for a wide range of different investors with different level of available funds for investment and knowledges. And there is no requirements of any special knowledges and skills of clients – all their actions are limited with personal account at Company’s official website:

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