West Chester criminal lawyers at Carosella & Associates help defend CDL drivers against DU charges.

WEST CHESTER, PA, December 16, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The criminal defense attorneys at Carosella & Associates know that being charged with a DUI can destroy a commercial driver’s livelihood and mar their reputation. Their local criminal lawyers are well-versed in the specific standards and DUI laws that apply to CDL drivers. In Pennsylvania, the legal blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for regular motorists in Pennsylvania is  .08%. For CDL drivers operating a commercial vehicle, it is half that – only .04%. For school bus drivers, the legal limit is .02%. A CDL driver can also be charged with a drug DUI if a blood test shows the presence of a controlled substance.

“Penalties for DUIs involving CDL drivers are quite harsh, and can include jail time and hefty fines” says Vincent Carosella, founding partner. “If a vehicle carries hazmat substances, their CDL could be suspended for three years. If a CDL driver is convicted of a DUI a second time, they are banned for life from operating with a commercial driver’s license in Pennsylvania. Our DUI lawyers in PA understand that their freedom, career, and financial stability are on the line. We thoroughly investigate all aspects of the case and provide an aggressive defense.”

Their criminal defense attorneys work collaboratively to develop specialized defense approaches for each DUI case. While successful completion of Pennsylvania’s ARD program can significantly reduce the consequences of a DUI for regular motorists, a commercial driver’s license will still be suspended for one year, so fighting charges may give them the best chance to keep their CDL.

Cracks in the prosecution’s case, procedural errors, faulty breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, improper evidence chain of custody and mistakes by law enforcement are all factors that can lead to a DUI case being dismissed. In some cases, their attorney may be able to negotiate so charges are reduced to a non-DUI offense. The experienced legal team at Carosella & Associates works tirelessly to protect their clients’ rights, act as their staunch advocates, and work toward the best possible outcome for all DUI cases.

For more than 25 years, the skilled team of attorneys, paralegals, firm administrators, administrative assistants, and legal secretaries at Carosella & Associates has provided top-quality legal representation for matters in myriad aspects of the law. The full-service law firm has decades of experience in many different areas, including estate planning, business succession planning, commercial and residential real estate, zoning, contracts, bankruptcy, immigration, divorce, and criminal law. Several of the attorneys at Carosella & Associates are licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For more information visit carosella.com.

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