In contrast to delayed sampling, optical flow cells create ‘virtual window’ into processes

AUBURN, CA, October 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Most industries have a lot to gain from adopting online, real-time measurements with the help of inline optical flow cells.

South Fork Instruments, an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products, today released an article that highlights the distinct differences between online measurements and offline sampling. For industries that use process samples and make offline measurements with optically based instrumentation, the installation of inline optical flow cells can bring a range of benefits.

“In essence, optical flow cells give you a virtual window into your processes,” said John Daly, Technical Director of South Fork Instruments. “Moving to online, real-time measurement eliminates the drawbacks of delayed sampling, provides greater transparency and enables a more immediate response to changing process conditions.”

With time-delayed manual sampling, issues cannot be immediately identified and addressed. It may, consequently, affect product quality that requires rework to correct or, worse, lead to loss of valuable product. Online fiber-optic-coupled process flow cells change that potentially damaging dynamic by facilitating the connection of real-time instruments in place of manual sampling and testing. Those offline measurement results can take place in real time using continuous online UV/VIS/NIR absorbance instrumentation instead.

In partnership with Kemtrak, a Sweden-based producer of inline measuring instruments and automation solutions, South Fork Instruments offers the highest quality industrial process measurement cells.

Kemtrak measurement cells are fiber-optically coupled and therefore have no electrical/electronic components, moving parts, or sources of heat on board. In a variety of materials, they can be equally applied to benign and highly corrosive processes. Condensation on optical surfaces (a common problem) is not an issue and they are well suited for hazardous area operation. Disposable cells can be autoclaved/irradiated and are made from biotech-process-friendly materials.

About South Fork Instruments: South Fork Instruments, based in Auburn, Calif., is an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products serving the Americas. The company’s cross-industry experience translates into a unique ability to identify, develop, and implement innovative measurement solutions. The state-of-the-art instrumentation products provide reliable, low maintenance, high-value results for plant control and quality improvement for a wide range of industry segments, including chemical plants, breweries, refineries, mining, power generation, food processing, offshore/onshore oil production, and pipelines.

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