The system provides a means by which to closely monitor air quality through one simple-to-control-and-manage dashboard to provide good air quality in classrooms, while saving energy substantially and minimizing infection risks (including COVID).

PORTLAND, OR, September 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — SAS Smart Air Systems is excited to introduce at ASBO association of School Business International Conference and Exhibition in Portland, Oregon, 13-16 September 2022, Booth #101, the All-In-One SmartAir Airthings for Schools Monitoring system.

The system provides a means by which to closely monitor air quality through one simple-to-manage dashboard to provide good air quality in schools and classrooms while saving energy substantially and minimizing infection risks (including COVID). SAS Smart Air Systems is a leading indoor air quality monitoring and control systems and a solutions provider for classrooms and meeting spaces in schools, colleges, universities and buses, to create, operate, monitor, experience, manage, and connect safe and healthy indoor spaces with generated awareness and guided healthy behavior.

The Airthings 2021 CES Innovations Award winner with hundreds of thousands of installed monitors in the US and worldwide, since 2010, is a market leader in Energy Savings, while maintaining good air quality levels in schools and classrooms and assuring a minimized infection level, all measured and displayed in real time. Parents can be granted permission to review the air quality of their children while at school in real time using the school app.

More information about the system is available on:

East Porter Schools, IN took advantage of the Airthings system by saving energy, improve air quality and saving on facilities’ labor hours. Specific data collected about their savings and advantages gained, can be reviewed at:–save-energy-monitoirng.html

The Airthings system is built to fit Esser’s funds requirement to:

A sample calculation of a school district that has 1,600 classrooms, other districts can calculate their cost and advantages gained according to their size or revealing the following:

By getting Esser funding of $1,000,000, school districts can monitor approximately 1,600 classrooms. The Airthings system comes with a 10 year warranty that includes free software updates, repair or replacement with a new unit with no additional fees to be paid for the monitoring services for 10 years. Based on calculations performed by South Esser Schools systems, after using the system for more than two years, annual energy saving per district and number of classroom is an annual savings of $450,000 and can be anticipated for 1,600 classrooms per school district or better said… $4,500,000 for the 10 year period. These are on top of significant improvements in classroom air quality, lowered infection rates, reduced facilities man hours and significant teachers, staff and students absenteeism cost savings.

The Airthings system will provide the school facility executive with real time monitoring tools to help optimize on a day by day basis on actual energy savings through a dedicated software element that will come with the Airthings system.

1,600 classrooms – Esser funds – $1,000.000 – $4,500,00 savings – 10 year service free with full warranty – no additional fees for 10 years.

And that is not all, there are more options to save energy:

The system can add control and integration functions to the Airthings system that can be ordered right away, or at a later stage, interfacing with the system through its API that is providing real time readings about actual classroom air quality, which will allow activating any of the following in class unit.

They will also present at the ASBO show:

– Smart Air Purifiers – operated only when classes are in session.
– Sterionizer by Beth-El units inside Air Ducts.
– Smart Signs – direct teachers/students to open/close windows per Air Quality reading (with or without connected sensors to indicate if windows are actually being opened/closed per Air Quality indications).
– Smart window openers.
– Activate ventilation systems.
– Integrate with school BMS systems.

If districts have no access to Esser funds or prefer to use them for other projects, they can pay the energy savings that they get for the first 2 years and get immediately significant improvements in classroom air quality, lowered infection rates, reduced facilities’ man hours, and significant teachers, staff and students absenteeism cost savings, than they get 8 more years of annual saving of $4,500,000 for a 1,600 classrooms per school district, without any payment for thee 8 years.

Other products displayed at the SAS Smart Air System’s Booth #101 at the show:

– Sterionizer by Beth-El Air Duct Sanitizers
– Bus Air Purifiers (including sanitization)
– Ceiling Air Purifiers
– Integrated Air purifier and Heat Exchanger with demand control ventilation
– Ventilator
– Smart Signs for air quality

Other Green Edge Systems product:

– LED flashing Menu Boards
– Dry Erase Menu Boards
– Student Desk Shields

Since 2007, Green Edge Systems DBA SAS Smart Air Systems has been providing thousands of schools, colleges, universities and hospitals nationwide with various innovative products and technology solutions.

They are also leaders in:

* Smart Air Quality and Energy Savings Monitoring and Control in Schools, Colleges and Universities and Medical Facilities. (including COVID-19 and Infection Sterilization).
* Air Duct Sterioniser by Be-El Air Conditioning Sterilization/Purification.
* Smart Air Purifiers including demand control and heat recovery ventilation.
* Smart Air Purifiers for School Buses.


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