Continuous improvement drives release of updated flow sensors featuring reliability and connectivity upgrades

AUBURN, CA, October 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — RHM04 and RHM10 flow sensors for Hydrogen service now come with fully welded internals to provide assurance from leaks, South Fork Instruments, an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products, announced today.

The sensors by South Fork’s partner Rheonik, a German manufacturer of industry-leading H2 flow measurement systems, feature both reliability and connectivity upgrades. A previous version with FVMQ seals served users well for years, but supply chain challenges prompted Rheonik to release a new version without seals as part of the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

“Rheonik is a pioneer in the hydrogen fuel cell revolution,” said John Daly, Technical Director at South Fork Instruments. “From the very outset, Rheonik has worked with all of the major hydrogen suppliers to produce accurate flow meters that can handle the extremely high
pressures associated with hydrogen distribution and dispensing. Rheonik mass flow meters have proven to be, and continue to be, the most reliable meters for H2 measurement available.”

The RHM04 and RHM10 flow sensors for Hydrogen service feature the following in comparison to previous versions:

– The internal meter tubing is beam welded directly to the top plate, making the flow path completely free of seals from inlet to outlet.
– Enclosure covers are now removable to facilitate repair if ever necessary. Although repairs and updates are exceedingly rare, the previous fully welded enclosures of H2 sensors made such cases difficult to address.
– To ensure optimal safety, the new removable case has been thoroughly tested for behavior in the case of internal meter leakage. Testing has proven that the case will deform and safely vent H2 where it joins with the meter top plate when the internal pressure reaches between 3 and 4 bar (45 – 60psi). The inclusion of a bursting disk in the case is therefore no longer necessary on these meters.
– In response to market demand, the RHM10 flow sensor for H2 measurement is now available with a ¾” MP autoclave connection in addition to the standard 9/16″ MP fitting.
– Rheonik RHM04 and RHM10 flow sensors, along with their respective RHE transmitters are now recognized for compliance with the OIML R139 and OIML-CS R139 standards for flow meters used in dispensing systems. This important certification gives dispenser manufacturers further confidence in Rheonik flow meters when selecting flow metering for their products.

About South Fork Instruments: South Fork Instruments, based in Auburn, Calif., is an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products serving the Americas. The company’s cross-industry experience translates into a unique ability to identify, develop, and implement innovative measurement solutions. The state-of-the-art instrumentation products provide reliable, low maintenance, high-value results for plant control and quality improvement for a wide range of industry segments, including chemical plants, breweries, refineries, mining, power generation, food processing, offshore/onshore oil production, and pipelines.

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