It’s 2018 and the new year brings in a lot of change for many people. Top of the list resolutions includes employment changes, weight loss, and moving. Some people get stuck in a funk and need a change of scenery.

Me personally, I could move to Atlantic City and never need to move again. There is everything I need there that I could want and if my work allowed me the luxury of making the move I would. The only problem is that I work in Brooklyn New York and the company doesn’t have any intentions of moving. If they did pick up and move, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire a New Jersey company to move me and my family across the bridge and into New Jersey.

I have relatives out there and have been around the area long enough to know that it’s a beautiful place with a lot to offer. As kids growing up we used to ride our bikes down the boardwalk and hang out all night on the beach. I’m a little older now so my priorities have changed, however, there would still be a lot of beach time if I moved to the area. When you grow up near the Jersey shorelines, it’s something that resonates with you for life.

No matter how old I get, no matter where in the country I move, whenever I return to the shores of New Jersey it’s like I never left. The smell of the air, the people, the vibe, it’s Jersey for Christ’s sake and nothing is better. The Goodfellas still hang out at the local pubs, hustlers roam the streets, and we no longer have a basketball team because they moved to Brooklyn.

So now we have a hoops team and I want to move out of Brooklyn, go figure! I guess the one thing I got going for me is that businesses these days will hire a relocation company for you to move you to another facility. There are businesses that operate all over the world and relocate families from the U.S. to foreign lands. Local movers got it made moving small time companies like the one I work for. Now I just hope they want to relocate so I and my family can move.