Laplace Technologies, which took part in the virtual meeting, began after an acquaintance of the founder complained that “It takes over 300 million KRW annually to establish a data analysis dashboar, and just building it takes over 1 year.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gyeonggido conducted an ‘Online Meet Up’ with Clement Jean, a reporter from the European media outlet, STARTUPWORLD, through a virtual meeting on the 25th of October, in order to share the value and state of companies in Pangyo Techno Valley with the world.

Laplace Technologies (CEO James Park, henceforth referred to as Laplace), which took part in the virtual meeting, began after an acquaintance of the founder complained that “It takes over 300 million KRW annually to establish a data analysis dashboard, and just building it takes over 1 year.”

Discovering that even in large corporations, members of business teams faced big difficulties in data analysis using languages like SQL and Tableau, and used up over 4 hours every day, they realized that automated end-to-end analytics that go beyond Tableau was needed. Based on thls, they began research and development to automatically diagnose problems, grow, and suggest strategies based on data to ultimately help maximize the chances of success for commerce SMBs.

‘Laplace Analytics’, the solution introduced by Laplace, aims to be an AI solution that provides data insight to help commerce operators make better decisions and suggest strategies and actions for commerce growth.

Using Laplace Analytics, you can use the technologies of ‘easy data integration (One source of truth)’, which automatically integrates all the sales, unit price, product, order, and advertisement data of open markets and multichannel with just a simple login, and ‘key decision-making indicators analysis’, which automatically analyzes and visualizes statistical indicators of things like, customers, products and repurchase rates, lifetime value (LTV), and first purchase/ repurchase.

In addition, it is also equipped with technologies such as ‘SKU unit benchmarking provision’, where it is possible to benchmark things like the detailed margins and growth rates in product units, and provides highly accurate and tailored information based on order/ payment data, ‘problem diagnosis and report automation’, a technology which has AI take the place of growth hackers to monitor key indicators and identify the causes, and ‘strategy & action performance tracking’, which suggests actions to solve problems and tracks the performance of and suggests strategies through Laplace’s AI engine.

A spokesman for Laplace said, “We are currently looking for 3 types of partners for overseas expansion, which are commerce operators, web builders, and ecommerce solution SaaS,” and went on to say, “Using our company’s solution removes the need for dedicated professional manpower, and you can make accurate analyses based on all the data since establishment.”

The ‘Online Meet Up’ is one of the promotion projects of Pangyo Techno Valley and is an event where opinions of key issues of Pangyo Techno Valley companies are shared with the startup clusters around the world online. The meeting in October in particular, was one where the companies of Pangyo were introduced, and it became a place where new technologies of numerous startups could be introduced. The videos of the Online Meet Up can be seen on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Watch the Video : Laplace Technologies / 2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up ‘PANGYO (Korea) X STARTUPWORLD (EU)’

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