Barn’s plan for a college and career consulting service nets him the $2,500 award.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, December 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The nation’s economy depends on the influx of new business people, new ideas, and new jobs. To highlight the importance of creative college students, First Coast Home Pros established its Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. This year, the winner is Simon Barn.

Barn has a plan for a college and career consulting service that he and his partners are calling Catalyst Prep. Aimed at lower-middle-class students, the idea is to provide top-tier preparatory services with a unique online student-counselor matching system.

Barn created a 12-page business plan that addresses the cost-effectiveness of Catalyst Prep, its ability to provide services at a fraction of the cost of current models, and a specific recipe for the company’s success. By integrating AI matching processes, the company will be able to provide students with mentors who have specific knowledge of each student’s individual goals and needs.

The basic problem Barn and his partners want to address is that many lower-middle-class students don’t have access to the kinds of guidance and knowledge they need to succeed in college settings. “That’s probably the first thing that fueled me to start this kind of business,” Barn said in an interview with First Coast Home Pros representatives.

Rather than having to spend a large portion of their family’s income on existing consulting businesses, Catalyst Prep aims to make that cost manageable for those students with fewer resources. However, it will do something other options often don’t do: provide rigorous training and vetting of mentors to ensure the highest possible quality.

Not only does Barn have the drive to fulfill this goal, he has a 12-page plan on exactly how he and his team will achieve it. That’s why this Chemical Engineering student at the University of Maryland, College Park has earned the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship.

About First Coast Home Pros

First Coast Home Pros is an interior and exterior home cleaning service based in Jacksonville, Florida. What started out as a humble window-cleaning gig in 2008 quickly turned into an extensive, successful business under the direction of entrepreneur and company founder Joshua Kennedy.

Kennedy seeks to encourage other young people to start their own businesses and provide high-quality services in their fields by offering the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship to current and incoming college students.

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