The leading partner platform’s first course, “Platform Fundamentals,” helps Everflow clients drive rapid growth in the dynamic performance marketing landscape.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 24, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Everflow, an award-winning partner marketing platform, announced the launch of its first Certification Program, titled “Platform Fundamentals.” Designed to address the tech development driving partner marketing, this course equips professionals with a deeper understanding of Everflow’s industry-leading partner marketing technology, enabling them to propel client and company growth through affiliate, influencer, and media buying channels.

By providing an intensive self-paced, online course covering the key functionalities of the Everflow platform, the program empowers Everflow marketers working with brands, B2B companies, and marketing agencies to drive efficient growth across performance marketing verticals.

VP Partner Ecosystem at Everflow, Ed Ceballos, highlights, “We developed these courses to create growth opportunities for brands and B2B companies to better leverage partner marketing as the most capital efficient growth channel. With these unique certifications, we aim at democratizing the access of essential operational and marketing skills for the people and teams tasked with driving growth with performance partnerships.”

Among the first to embrace Everflow’s new initiative are Intelsio and Vibrant Performance, two leading agencies renowned for helping brands scale and acquire new customers through cutting-edge performance marketing solutions.

Vibrant Performance, an affiliate-focused agency known for its targeted partnerships and delivering growth for startups and established brands, has spoken on the usefulness of the Everflow Certification Program for keeping up with the demand for their services:

“Everflow has become one of our go-to partnership marketing recommendations for Vibrant Performance agency clients due to its robust tracking and reporting capabilities. The Everflow Certification Program has provided our team with easy-to-follow, time-saving insights that enhance campaign effectiveness. It’s a must for Everflow users and anyone looking to streamline operations and scale their service offerings through the platform.”

Intelsio drives customer acquisition through internal marketing, strategic relationships, and affiliate partnerships across multiple industries. The agency has also enthusiastically endorsed the program:

“At Intelsio, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve to create highly customizable solutions for our clients. Everflow Certification Program has been a valuable resource, equipping our team of seasoned experts with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the latest Everflow features and solutions to drive better results for our clients.”

The Everflow Certification allows participants to continue to expand their platform knowledge through advanced courses like “Partner Program Specialist” and “Platform Expert” – slated for release later this year. These progressive certifications will further solidify partnership between Everflow and its clients, allowing the partner marketing platform to empower companies, agencies, and the users they assist.

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