Darren and Mike’s Dream Team online mentoring program has already garnered a considerable fan base, and the program’s popularity is rising by the day. Darren Ewert Interviews with DotCom Magazine

VANCOUVER, BC, September 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Darren and Mike’s Dream Team online mentoring program has already garnered a considerable fan base, and the program’s popularity is rising by the day. Many shared opinions that the program designed by Darren and Mike has become so popular chiefly because of its comprehensive nature.

The course covers everything from setting up a business to building and monetizing leads to scaling the business. Equally important is the fact that the program contains valuable guidance for all types of online business models. The participants can learn valuable lessons from the course irrespective of the kind of online venture they have set up.

But exactly how have Darren and Mike been able to design an online mentoring course that appeals to a vast number of entrepreneurs from so many different verticals and caters to different niches?

The answer can be found in a recent interview that Darren Ewert, one-half of the famous mentoring duo, had with DotCom magazine.
Direct Mentoring

According to Darren, the chief reason behind the overwhelming popularity of the course is that, in addition to many other support systems, it also provides direct mentorship to each participant.

Darren explains that as part of the course, the duo conducts a live weekly mastermind coaching session that is open to all current and past participants of the program.

This means that all their students can reach out to them with any queries or discuss any problems they may face in their entrepreneurial journey. Participants also have the option to reach out to Mike and Darren through emails. This effectively means that the course attendees never feel left in a lurch once they complete the course.

Apart from that, Darren shares that what sets its program apart from its competitors is the wealth of social media marketing training the program provides its participants.

Thanks to the duo’s deep knowledge of different social media sites (YouTube, Pinterest, Google Ad Words, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and more), they can teach their students how to leverage the power of these different platforms; what platform to use for what purposes, when, and in what manner.

And this gives them a clear edge as highly competent digital marketing consultants compared to their competition.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked what advice he would give to budding entrepreneurs, Darren replies that one should be highly ambitious and a big dreamer and never give up no matter how difficult the challenges they face.

Although admitting that he had difficulties coping with setbacks and rejections early in his entrepreneurial career, Darren subsequently reveals that facing up to them became more accessible once he realized that setbacks are not only a part of the process but are essential for one’s growth.

Accordingly, he mentions that things always become so much easier for business owners once they come to realize this essential fact.

Further, Darren adds that it is just as important to stay humble, lead with integrity and honesty and treat everybody equally to become a great leader and succeed in business. Darren and Mike help aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and find business success.

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