When it comes to female empowerment, or encouraging women to take up entrepreneurship, there is no better way than to have an actual woman set an example. Seeing an inspirational woman like Ahyanah Mincy, can certainly work wonders on other women, while reducing the taboo that the business world tends to be dominated by men.

Ahyanah Mincy is a college student from Newark, NJ. She is currently a senior at Saint Peter’s University and is majoring in Business management. Her passion and enthusiasm for business and entrepreneurship has not been limited to her studies though. In fact, she has become a very popular and influential writer on OnMogul, where she regularly writes articles that mainly focus on the promotion of women in business.

Ahyanah Mincy uses the OnMogul platform to share her views as well as real stories of women who own great businesses. She focuses on the very real fact that despite still being a minority, there are several black women who forego racial and discriminatory thoughts and manage to do very well in their line of business.

In one particular article she wrote, ‘Great Businesses Owned by Black Women’, Ahyanah Mincy writes about numerous black women who excelled in their entrepreneurship skills and who certainly did well in their respective careers. Women like Zondra Wilson, Teana McDonald, LaTonia Taylor, and Emore Campbell, are just exemplary in their business skills. They started innovative businesses and came up with great products and ideas. These women should be an example to all women who may be put off by the discriminatory world we live in. No gender is less than another, and likewise, skin color or nationality does not impede what one can manage to achieve in any way. These women are real examples of all this. Ahyanah Mincy lists their stories and achievements in this article, and she surely does this in a way that leaves an imprint on one’s mind as she fuels her passion and encouragement to women through the way she writes.

Other women who have set an example are mentioned in another article written by Ahyanah Mincy, ‘Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs give advice to young black women’, and there are several other articles which offer real-life examples of how several black women excelled in their businesses and careers.

For those women who feel at a disadvantage, or lack the willpower to go out there and make their presence felt in the field of business and entrepreneurship, these articles by Ahyanah Mincy will certainly work wonders in helping them gain the courage that they need, and set out to do it. Reading about women who realized their dreams and put their ideas into good use should be a solid inspiration for other women. The truth is that anyone can do it and women can excel at what they do, just like the women mentioned by Ahyanah Mincy in her articles. Women are just as good as men are, and can actually do even better as they have their personal traits and experiences to further fuel their ideas and truly make it happen!

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