Tyroler Injury Law recruits Rachel Sperling Leonard as a partner to bolster its ranks and deliver justice to the masses.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Law firms are responsible for providing inclusive consultation and representation of people of varying demographics. One of the many ways legal firms make this possible is by hiring dependable attorneys and setting up frameworks to achieve these goals. Tyroler Injury Law is pleased to announce that they have a new partner in Rachel Sperling Leonard.

More Than Just Passion and Grit: A Heritage
Attorneys’ commitment to upholding justice requires more than sheer genius, passion and grit. In Rachel Sperling Leonards’ case, practicing law is a heritage. She is a fourth-generation lawyer who fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an attorney and bringing justice to those suffering injury and wrongful death.

The urgency of her dreams propelled her to take the accelerated route to complete her undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees in under six years. In her words, “I couldn’t wait to take a stand for people’s rights, especially those who aren’t as capable. I took up Spanish, so I could properly represent non-native English speakers. That’s how much I have always wanted to contribute my quota to creating a fair society.”

How Will Rachel’s Partnership Impact Tyroler Injury Law?
The partnership position is critical in any law firm that seeks to grow or, at least, maintain its stride. Rachel’s achiever persona easily fits her into Tyroler Injury Law’s plans. With her most recent settlements totaling about $2.5 million, her journey with the firm is set to surpass client expectations.

Tyroler Injury Law’s Managing Partner, Isaac Tyroler, labels his partnership with Rachel as his favorite legal tag team. He called the partnership a dream because he saw her as his legal lookalike.

Isaac Tyroler went on to say, “Rachel, like myself, is tenacious about ensuring that victims get their due settlement and a Super Lawyers Rising Star awardee.” He added, “Her experience and contacts in the Minneapolis area will come in handy when dealing with clients around the Twin Cities.”

Battling wrongful injuries and death claims can be hard on victims, which may cause depression, emotional stress and anxiety because these incidents can be life-changing. For this reason, Attorneys Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard are committed to helping victims get settlements commensurate with their injuries. The Tyroler Leonard Injury Law team has stuck with their “excellent communication, exceptional representation and maximum results” service triad, earning them the Best Truck Accident Lawyers tag by Expertise.

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