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Can You Add to Your Commission Advance with ArriveHome?

You’ve probably already used Uber or Lyft in lieu of a traditional taxi ride, and there are countless delivery apps offering to bring everything from Chinese takeout to diapers right to your home. Now, that same on-demand approach to modern-day convenience has entered the real estate world with the introduction of ArriveHome. Here’s what you need to know about this new player on the RE scene and how it might help you add to your commission advance. Need more information on what is a commission advance? What Is ArriveHome? What if prospective homebuyers had a timely, user-friendly way to connect with real estate agents and view properties without waiting for a ccallback The days of buyers playing futile games of phone tag only to find out their dream home has been snapped up by someone else may soon be over. ArriveHome is an app that allows users to find real-time locations of agents using an integrated map. The user simply taps on a home, selects an agent who’s nearby and views the property almost immediately. The app also supports users’ ability to communicate with their existing agent, increasing efficiency for parties on both sides. In addition to the live map, ArriveHome includes profiles on participating agents so buyers can check up on reviews and even watch agent videos before making their final selection. The listings themselves are uploaded directly...

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Count My Payment, An Easy Way To Generate Legal Resource Needed For Any Kind Of Shared Expense Or Financial Obligation

Count My Payment, LLC, the forerunner of legal accounting of uncovered medical expenses and person to person payments today announced its new program. The program is designed to streamline the compliance with legal requirements when two parents are obligated to share in the financial responsibility for their minor children. Most States offer public services geared to handle Child Support, leaving medical expenses, extra-curricular activities, school tuition, and anything else up to the co-parents to informally resolve.  Count My Payment, LLC offers a service which structures these other expenses in a legally accountable way, enforcing the requirements of providing proof to the other party, tracking the time requirements, and offering an easy means of recovering payments. Kimberly Sisk, co-owner of Count My Payment, LLC commented “If parents do not keep track or submit the proper proof of expense when requesting payment from the other parent, the Court will not award them reimbursement when the other parent refuses to pay. We created this site to ease this process at an affordable cost. Most people have been doing it on their own in a rough accounting method – which is difficult for the Court to follow. We hit all the elements that the Court’s look for in awarding money.” One of the key features of Count My Payment, LLC platform is that if a parent does not reimburse the other parent after...

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